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The Sims 4 - Kids Room Stuff PC

The Sims 4 - Kids Room Stuff PC

origin price_11$
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The Sims 4 - Kids Room Stuff PC GLOBAL CODE

Product Description

The top 3 reasons to play The Sims 4: Kids Room Stuff

  • Spark your imagination and give your Sims' kids room style in The Sims 4: Kids Room Stuff.
  • Enjoy new toys including collectable monster cards, electronic battle stations, puppets and more.
  • Show off your kids Sims' with all-new clothing items and hairstyles to express their personality and style..

What's included with The Sims 4: Kids Room Stuff?

  • Included is The Sims 4: Kids Room Stuff Stuff Pack for PC.

The Sims 4: Kids Room Stuff details

  • Customize your kids' bedroom with style with colorful furniture, themed decorations and more. Whether your kid likes robots or pretty flowers, there's a bedroom style for every kid.
  • Battle with monsters with the all-new monster cards. Use the cards in the electric battle station to bring them to life and challenge friends in a thrilling monster duel.
  • Put on an entertaining show with all-new puppets and tell whimsical stories using your imagination.
  • Enjoy new outfits and hairstyles to express your kids' personality and style.

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Release Date: 28th June 2016
Platform: Origin
Region: Worldwide
Language: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish