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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam PC

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam PC

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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam PC GLOBAL CODE

Product Description

The top 3 reasons to play Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

1. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is an award-winning action-packed wargame featuring a wide arsenal of weaponry and combat systems.

2. Witness realistic and immersive warlike combat and thrilling action gameplay.

3. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam has loads of multiplayer modes where you can put your skills to the test against hundreds of players from around the world.

What's included with Rising Storm 2: Vietnam?

Included is the base game Rising Storm 2: Vietnam for PC.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam details

· Rising Storm 2: Vietnam brings intense multiplayer action for up to 64 players. Battle as South Vietnam (the US and their Allies) or as the North Vietnamese Army and their guerilla fighters of the National Liberation Front.

· The Southern army utilise firepower and mobility, with each army having its own unique strengths.

· The US Army/Marine Corps uses airburst artillery, the Spooky gunship and napalm strikes. The Australian Army utilises Canberra bombers and heavy artillery. And ARVN uses medium mortar barrage and napalm strikes from older A-1 Skyraiders.

· For mobility, the Southern army also has access to full helicopter support including UH-1 “Huey”, OH-6 “Loach” and more.

· The Southern forces also have a wide range of weaponry, ranging from older, WWII-era leftovers, through to the latest technology of the time, including C4 explosives and M18 Claymore.

· The Northern forces offer a disciplined fighting force. They offer mobility and stealth, with a wide variety of weapons including AK-47 and Type 56 Assault rifles, Russian SKS-45 and US M1 Carbines and Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifle, and more.


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Release Date: 30th May 2017
Platform: Steam
Region: Worldwide
Language: Chinese Traditional, English, English-US, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish